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My faith in humanity is almost gone....... [Tuesday
January 26th, 2010 at 5:32pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

I just love those moments when everyone comes together to defeat the enemy. And Byakuya, you don’t go about trying to solve everything on your own!!!! How many times do we have to tell you??? Also, Hitsugaya-taichou, kudos on once again being awesome ^_^

Let me ask you a question, have you READ Shakespeare at all???
Also, do you let your teenagers play video games and watch movies?
Because the sense I’m getting here is that violence, guns, blood, gore that’s all alright, but put in some bawdy jokes about penises and suddenly it’s like, CENSOR!!!!
Also, the fact that the play is full of fight scenes and ends in a DOUBLE SUICIDE does not offend you? Just the sex? Really.
*bangs head repeatedly against the wall*
Nashville Tennessee, make a note of this, YOU DO NOT CENSOR THE BARD! HE’S THE BARD! THERE IS A REASON HE IS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH CLASSES AROUND THE WORLD! (Though in some cases, it is actual torture if your English teacher was bad as some of mine were)
Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and no censorship occurred, although the mom’s comment about how children “need to be more pure” is just………-_-;;;; Not amused.
Although I am rather confused about her comment. She says children and that she was there with her son. So was her son under the age of 13? In which case, why is she making him sit through a Shakespeare play when it’s not in the elementary curriculum? Or is her son actually a teenager and she just refers to everyone below the age of 21 as a child? Because in that case, way to make sure your son is completely unprepared to face life in the real-not-so-pure-unsanitized-world.   


And then it just went from bad to worse. This is why I shouldn’t read newspapers, my blood pressure just goes through the roof. A school board in southern California has banned the Merriam-Webster dictionary after a parent complained of the entry “oral sex”.
THE DICTIONARY, PEOPLE???? Is nothing sacred!??????
Again, let me ask you a question. Are you the same parents who monitor what your kids watch on TV or see on the internet?
Because if not, I can almost guarantee that these nine and ten year olds that are the subject of this ban, already know the word sex, probably know a little if not all of how it’s done, and have probably at least heard of the term “oral sex”, though they may not know what it is and certainly the definition that it’s “oral stimulation of the genitals” is not exactly an anatomical diagram with a point by point guide on how to do the deed.
So I really fail to see what the problem is.
You are trespassing on a timeless childhood ritual of getting the dictionary and looking up all those naughty words that you were told you shouldn’t say or use and giggling over them with your friends. I did it. My mom did it. I don’t know a single person who didn’t at some point giggle over a dictionary entry of a naughty word.
Way to take all the fun out of life people.
If we had an Ignorance Clock (similar to the Doomsday Clock) we would be at thirty seconds to midnight.
That’s a fun thought.

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October 14th, 2007 at 1:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Sooooo, 19 today o.O Can’t really get my head around it. I don’t feel any older than I did yesterday. Technically now, I can walk into any LCBO in Canada and proudly be able to buy any alcohol without the fear of being carded. Finally I can get that bottle of sake I need to make homemade yakitori.
I really shouldn’t be writing this now because I do have a major midterm tomorrow in Archaeology and then another midterm on Wednesday in Middle Eastern Modern History. Oh joy ^_^;;; But then I woke up this morning and checked my email and holy crap people!!! I was totally not expecting all those Facebook messages ^_^XD!!!!!!!! And Maria, lol, like what the hell, even Justin sent me one ^_^ haha, I guess he doesn’t hate me *sighs in relief*
Erica, Amanda S., Debbie, Oshioke, and Amanda Malenica all got me last night around midnight. Erica (nice person that she is :P) was doing a countdown till midnight. Even though, technically, as I told her, I wasn’t born until after 6pm today. *le sigh* But geez, between her and Maria, now I’m freaking out that next year, it’s TWO FREAKIN DECADES OLD!!!!!!!!!!! o.O Soooo totally do not want to think about being 20. Grandmother is not helping by lamenting my age even further.
Oh and THANK YOU SOOO MUCH brattygirl1982for the Lj v-gift ^_^ That was sooo awesome of you. *hugz* Totally love it!!
Big THANK YOU’s to all my friends here in the T-dot and away at uni!!! Love to you all!!!! What would I do without you guys??? *tear* Medical issues not withstanding, there WILL be legal consumption of alcohol on my part at some point in time to commorate this occaision!! Probably around New Years though, when I will actually have time again so you had better all be there!!!!!
To all my friends on LJ, thank you for putting up with me for yet another year. Love to you all and thanks for being there *hugz*
My mommy bought a cake, not sure what flavour, very secretive about this, and my grandparents are coming by after dinner for tea so I’ll take a pic and post later on, or maybe tomorrow.
Right now, I am going back to studying for my excruciatingly painful midterm tomorrow.
Ja na! 
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Oh wow, fic ^_^;;; [Wednesday
May 16th, 2007 at 5:33pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Over the years I've started about a million fics but never really went finished them for one reason or another. Yesterday I actually managed to complete one, and I've decided to post it publically for the first time *is nervous* 
It does have an OC female, but she has nothing to do with the relationships portrayed, honestly. I just needed a character that would play a role and be female at the same time ^_^;;;
Ok, so here we go. 

Title: Morning's Suck
Pairing/Characters: Araki x Adachi, Zukkii, mentions of other 2nd cast, OC female
Rating: PG probably, mild swearing, and hints of sexual relationships
Disclaimer/Notes:  I claim nothing and no one, except the OC character, which came to my mind as I was watching a backstage from Winter Hyotei. Also, I don't know if Ueshima has a family or not, so please forgive my artistic license ^_^;;; Much thanks to black_scythe10 for the support, being my beta, giving ideas, and just being there on MSN when I was spazzing cause I couldn't end it properly. Thanks hon!!!!!

Soooooo.........I hope that was ok ^_^;;;  Constructive criticism is appreciated ^_^
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January 15th, 2007 at 2:17pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I know people wanted snow to actually fall in Toronto this year. We have had nothing all year so far. But I don't think this is what I wanted either. It is absolutely miserable today. Freezing rain, snow, freezing cold, and of course, an enormous university that spans about 5 city blocks long and 3 city blocks wide (give or take), which means lots of walking to and from classes IN THE COLD!!!!!!! I hate that aspect of university. If only all the buildings could be connnected by a sheltered pathway or something. I wouldn't mind it so much then, but you're outside all the time. 

I took shelter in the Kelly Library, with it's glorious wireless internet and a fresh new quota for the week. This time I made sure Bittorrent is OFF, and no where near being turned on. I would uninstall the thing but I have several torrents started and it seems to a shame to waste all that work for nothing. 

Oh I have discovered a new book, which I highly reccomend for the witty British humor, and the jokes (although if you're not British, you may not appreciate the humor as much, as I have been told on many occassions how not funny something was that I was laughing like a hyena over ^_^ To each his/her own). Anyway, it's kind of a companion to the two books, "A Year in the Merde" and "Merde Actually", which tell the adventures of a young Brit trying to work in Paris and finding exactly how wide the cultural divide really is (About ten times the size of the Channel that separates the two countries, perhaps even bigger). The two books are quite funny and they are written by an actual Brit who went to Paris to work, so first hand experience and all that. Anyway, I've read both and then I found this one, which is called, "Talk to the Snail: Ten Commandments for Understanding the French". OK! Let me just say now, when reading something like this, it is wise to NOT be drinking anything at the time, especially sticky substances like coke, 7up, sprite, ginger ale, pepsi, etc, which can be quite a mess to clean up and can damage precious laptops, or just make the keys stick in an annoying fashion (not that this has happened to my precious baby but I've seen it happen to others. God I feel like Gollum saying precious all the time ^_^). The book is highly entertaining and quite a fast read too, as I only started on the subway to school this morning and I'm already on the 6th chapter. And just in case you need more of an incentive to pick up any of the three books by the guy, here are some highly amusing quotes from the first book, "A Year in the Merde". 

I should really tell Luka about the book. She was the one who got me the "Year in the Merde" one to start. I wonder if she knows about this one? I should lend it to her. She would laugh her ass off as much as I am doing ^_^

Right, back to work now. Copying out lecture notes for tommorow. 
Or I could just watch the two new dramas I'm starting that I'm totally in love with. "Brother Beat" and "Anego". OMG!!!!! They are sooooo awesome!!!!! Tyler, you have to see them!!!! You'll laugh! And I need to burn some stuff for you. Remind me! Or I'll forget  ^_^;;
Ja na minna!!
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January 11th, 2007 at 11:42pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Ummmm.......I'm just sitting out here in my living room (which has been recently converted into "MY space" area, ever since I set the laptop up out here and love the comfy couches and the low table perfect for kneeling in front of (<--feel sooo Japanese here, lol *dodges brick* Yup, I'm a dork)) when I look up to see my brother walking past me. 
Now this would seem highly normal. 
Except it's 11.45 at night. 
And he's sleep walking again. 
*bangs head*
Does anyone know if sleep walking happens to be genetic??? Cause almost all of my cousins used to do it when they were younger and now my brother is starting too. 
The really weird thing is, he's asleep yet he knows that the vaccum is right there and steps around it. His eyes are open yet he is in fact asleep. 
*raises eyebrow*
It would be quite comical especially when my mom went chasing after him. 
Alas, I'm far too tired to think about wasting energy laughing -_- 
Drama midterm tommorow. I pray it's as easy as the past quizes have been. It should be. Just instead of being 15mins, it's going to be 50mins. 
Which reminds, we need triple A batteries. My mp3 player is eating them alive. I had no idea they only lasted about 10 trips to school and back -_- Mou, why??? Why can you not make them last longer??? It wouldn't bother me soo much if it weren't for the fact that they are sooo frickin expensive -_-
BUT, I did manage to get 8.5GB dvds, and now I can get rid of most of the dramas off my laptop, to free up space to download more ^_^;; Such a vicious cycle too, lol  XD!!!!

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January 11th, 2007 at 5:05pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

SIX FREAKING PAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In only an hour and a half of class, I wrote out 6 pages of notes o.O My hand felt like falling off. Which it is not allowed to do until I write my Drama midterm tommorow. Then it can fall off ^_^
I feel bad too, cause tommorow night is Cause an Effect's concert at the El Mocombo and once again, I can't go :( The last concert they had in December I was feeling sooo utterly sick I would not have made it downtown at all. And now this time, it's my five year old brother's birthday party, and the whole family is coming over and my mom refuses to let me leave to go see them play -_- Mou, not fair. Granted my grandparents are leaving for sunny Mexico soon and this will be one of the last chances to see them before they leave for 2 months (they asked me to come down on Reading Week, but my mom said no to that too. Reason? Well if I get to go to Mexico, my sisters will want to go -_- I hate that reason). But still......I want to hear them play, cause I haven't heard them live since we were all in grade 12 :(
Which reminds me, I need to go buy my new textbooks tommorow cause I need to start reading. Damn. I wanted to wait a bit before I have to start wallowing in textbooks as thick as my arm and full of stuff that just put me to sleep. Then again, we have to read Walter Scott for my Celtic class which should be ok. It's not Ivanhoe though, which has got to be one of my favs. It's one to do with Scotland that I don't remember the name of. 
I find it funny how most of my classes have some connection to each other. Like I took a European history class (where I had extensive background in already due to my lazy days of just reading the stuff), and then in my Celtic class we covered Scottish and Irish history, which brough in stuff like the Glorious Revolution, and the Tudors etc (btw, my all time fav subject ^_^), then in Drama we were discussing Shakespeare at the court of Elizabeth (again Tudor times) as well as Ancient Rome (doing it now in my CLA class). So basically, what I learn in one class, I can apply to another. ^_^ Yeah. 
And I would start fangirling right now over many things (such as someone posted scans of the Air Gear pamphlet, and HOLY CRAP Kaji looks hot!!! Well so does KENN and Kenta but they were always hot, whereas Kaji was cute......up till now.) and more scans from the Bleach Live (which I sooo badly want to see since it seems to be all fanservice!!!!! Which is awesome!!!!) and.....other stuff that I can't think of, but, I must go study for midterm tommorow. Then I have to run to work to drop off the thank you card and box of coffee for my co-worker then rush to the Tigerdirect warehouse and buy cds *_*
Ja na minna!!

P.S. Araki in the tightest shorts possible broke my brian *_* Araki in shorts just killed me, lol XD!!!!!!

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January 10th, 2007 at 9:12pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Sooo.......I'm in the middle of a MASSIVE  burning of all my media off the laptop to dvds. I have the usual 4.7GB ones. However, for some very stupid reason, that I don't get, my dvd burner keeps telling me, I'm so many MB over the limit. WTF???? So I had to go on a hunt to see if FutureShop, Staples, or Best Buy had anything bigger. Well they do. But they are fricken expensive!!!!!! Sheesh, $60 for a package of 5??? Uhhh......I DON'T THINK SO!!! Luckily, Futureshop is having a sale right now. 15 dvds for $20, which when I look at the price, is really, an amazing deal. Sooo....I might pick up a couple of packages, just cause, I don't know when they will go on sale again ^_^
Worked another 3 hours tonight. I want to die. It wasn't sooo bad though. But one of my co-workers decided to get me a late Christmas present, and now I feel really bad because I didn't get her anything and part of the gift was some very expensive Italian chocolate. Yummy!! But expensive!!! I may pick her up a package of tea and coffee selections and drop them off tommorow. Which reminds me, I need to buy green tea leaves, cause bagged tea tastes disgusting (as has been proven in the JTime vs. New Generation green tea argument ^_^ JTime uses bags and I hate the taste. New Generation uses leaves and I drank like 3 cups ^_^). Which also reminds me, I need to plan the movie marathon with Tyler and Neko-chan ^_^ We're watching BL, BR and another movie about a gay samurai o.O that I don't know the name of yet.
Oh and welcome back to nekonezumi, who went to Japan for a week and saw many shows and came back with many pretty boy pictures, including Adachin's January D-boys photoset (which by the way, is the most adorable yet hottest pics yet of him!! I love his new hair style, the long hair really suits him ^_^XD!!!). Which brings us evidence that yes, the guy is indeed alive and well, just not updating his blog *grumbles* BUT!! I can be thankful that yes he STILL is with D-boys, just taking a leave of absence or something. So I'll just send loving mental waves in his direction and hope that he shows himself soon ^_^XD!!!!!! 
Kaji does look awesome as Onigiri though. I thought for sure he would be.........werid looking, I guess, cause Onigiri IS bald after all, but nope. He has hair, just cut really short. But he looks soooo awesome!!!! I sooooo badly want to see this musical now!!!! May 1st can not get here fast enough!!! Nippon-Export had better stock the dvd. I really don't want to buy it through a service like Cresent Shop -_-
The Bleach Live sounds soooo awesome from a report I read about it ^_^ I want to see it now!!! Cause Hitsugaya gets to be all bitchy to Gin and yell, "Urusai!!" a lot!!! Yeah!!!! Oh and he interrupts Gin mid-song, which makes Gin very mad!!! You can almost feel the sexual tension in the air!!!! (No you really can't, but come one, it's Tuti/Nagayan people, DUH there's sexual tension!!!!)   Yup ^_^ I love those two, lol!!! Oh and apparently people got up to dance the "Sayonara" dance when they sang it, which makes me laugh cause the dance moves are soooooooo dorky, lol!!! The dvd for the Live is out May 20th, (yeah something else for May!!!) oh and Nagayan's photobook is out in April (I don't know if I actually want to buy it or just wait for someone to scan it. Unless YesAsia stocks it, which I wouldn't mind then, cause it's free shipping and no customs fees, which is always nice ^_^)

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January 9th, 2007 at 9:27pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Sooooo......I'm at work, shelving books, when suddenly.........POWER OUTAGE!!!!!!! Yipes, the library was totally dark. It was actually kind of creepy. So the staff are like wandering around trying to remember where the hell we put those flashlights. Then the manager person (well, that's not his official title, but I have no idea what he is suppose to be exactly, so I went with manager ^_^;;) told us to evacuate the building of all patrons. So, as we are just about to close the doors on the last person............*poof* lights come back on, and everyone comes back in ^_^ Darn!!! All of the pages thought we would be able to leave early or something, but no -_- Mou, not fair. 
Then again, money is always nice ^_^
So after work I drove one of my co-workers home because he was going to walk.....in the snow......and his house is not exactly close. Then I stopped by my grandparents house and got feed lots of sweets, yumm!!!!!!! ^_^XD!!!!!
I still have to go and buy my new books for this semester. And go and collect the rest of my OSAP money -_- Ohhhh boy. I'll do that tommorow.......maybe Thursday. Oh fuck it, by the end of the week.

Yanagi, Nakamura, and Nakagawa are in a new drama called, "Puzzle". From the description, I am very much put in the mind of "Battle Royale". These students must find all the pieces of the puzzle hidden in their school or their teacher dies. They only have 24 hours to do it and they are forced into betraying each other. Yup. Definietly sounds something like "Battle Royale", only, probably will be less bloody and gorey and hopeful no one dies toooo painfully or, as in BR, pretty much everyone dies. Yeah, hope it's not like that tooo much.
From all the reports soo far, Air Gear myu is turning out really well ^_^ I want to see Kaji in costume sooo badly right now, lol. He's suppose to be bald, or baldish, as Onigiri is bald but I just can't see him him without a head of hair. Maybe cause I'm sooo use to the Kaji/Momo mullet ^_^;; *bricked*
Yanagi and Endo both got new blog videos. Which means *cough* Adachin is STILL the only D-boy member to NOT have a new video. WTF people!????? Adachin, please, show us some sign that you are still alive over there!!!! *pokes Arayan* You! Stop posting pics of random landscapes and having ravishing sex sessions with Zukkii and take Adachin shopping or something and post a pic!! Please Arayan!!!! Zukkii!!! *pokes him too* Same goes for you!!!!! *glares in general direction of Japan* 
Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Araki/Zukkii, is like my new (almost canon) fan pairing!!!!! They are up there with the Tuti/Nagayan pairing, which has far too much evidence already :P 
http://aatash.livejournal.com/203505.html <------ Looks like we have another pairing that is starting to show a little too much evidence ^_^  Who knew the Jirou/Atobe fanpairing of Takuya/Kazuki would actually turn out to be (almost) real??? ^_^XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, those guys are waiting to be slashed, giving answers like that *coughmarriedcoughcough*

Ja na minna!!!

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January 1st, 2007 at 2:27pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

WAHHH!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drink count of the night = 3 Mimosas (sp??) and 1 coke and rum. Plus the customary glass of champagne at midnight ^_^ It was only enough to give me a buzz and I think I might have been a little more happy than normal but that was it. 
My sister was drunk as hell but let's not get into that :P

New Years was a blast!!!!!!!! I had soo much fun and omg the dancing!!! I haven't danced that much or that hard in 7 months ^_^;; but it was soooo much fun to be able to do it again!!! And I think I'm getting my strength back because I was able to dance much longer than the last time I tried. Yeah!!!!! I can dance again!!!!! Now I just need another party or maybe a club night to force myself to go longer ^_^

Saw a couple of people from the "gang". Luka died her hair this really bright blonde curled it. She looked really cute with it like that. Saw Tyler too, he was my dacning partner for some of that time. Tyler hon, you are one awesome dancer!!!!!!!!! XD!!!!!!! *hugz* We are sooo going to have to go clubbing together. And to everyone else I saw, (Ostap grew out his hair omg!!!!! soooo long!!!!!! I laughed :D) you guys are awesome!!! Happy New Year!!!! And to all the people I didn't get a chance to see, love and hugz to you all, and hope your New Year is awesome!!!!!! BTW, Calvin went downtown to Nathan Philips Square, did anyone see him on the TV???? We thought we saw him a couple of times (well Cedric claims) but not sure. 

Then today I woke up at 1.15pm, cause I came home a little after 2 in the morning but I was sooooo hyped up that I didn't end up going to bed till close to 5am, so yeah ^_^ It was sooo perfect. I'm soooo happy right now. I should probably make some resolutions but................I'm lazy :P -_- and everything I can think of I know I am going to end up breaking within like a week or maybe even a day or something. I just know it's impossible for me to keep those resolutions so I'm not even going to suggest it. Cause then when I do end up breaking it, I'll just feel very very guilty, which I don't need. 
Wait!! I know what I can promise. Ok, my 2 resolutions for 2007 (so far! maybe I can think of more) will be:
1) become a better friend to everyone (cause you guys soooooooo deserve it ^_^)
2) get a head start on the lectures for next term's botany class (the prof already posted the lectures on the site, all I have to do is copy it out, which I can do while I wait for my downloads to finish ^_^)
oh and just for the sake of saying it once again and watching it go straight out the window,
3) I WILL NOT procrastinate this term with any homework and any essays or any studying at all (<--- Let's see how long this one lasts. I said this at the beginning of school in September. It lasted one week before I was back to my old ways -_- Maybe I can do 2 weeks this time :P)

My god this week is going to be sooooooooooo busy for me!!!!!!!! Wednesday is out cause I'm spending the day getting my G2 (hopefully) in some obscure place somewhere on the outskirts of the city -_- I am also forking out $140 for a road test before the G2 test. Other events of the week include, a lunch at JTime (with Erica and Tyler), a trip to Pacific Mall (with Erica and Tyler), a trip to Square One (Erica requested this one since I've never been and this is apparently a travesty), a movie trip to see "Eragon" (with Tyler and anyone else who wants to come), two Demitre's trips (one with a bunch of my girlfriends from elementary school, and another one with my IB friends, though I don't even know if this is still one or not *shrugs*) plus my grandmother wants me for a day over there, and I promised coffee to another friend. Maa, busy busy. Demo,  I want to see everyone again, cause the only people I see regularly in school are Tyler and Erica. Everyone is kind of MIA until someone has a party or a get together. 

Oh and Koike Teppei = adorable, short, wannabe badass LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals* I adored him in "Lovely Complex" and I totally and completely fell in love with "Gokusen 2" ^_^XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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December 27th, 2006 at 9:30pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Oh god how I felt like dying today at work. Seven hours is farrr toooo long to work when you're sick. I needed tea sooo badly. My throat was charred but alas, we have a vending machine but nothing hot. Which kinda makes me jealous that you can buy hot drinks from vending machines in Japan but not in Canada -_- Why hasn't the rest of the world caught up to them yet???? It's vending machines people!!!! Not rocket science!!!! God, I want to go to Japan. Like now. 

Working tommorow for 4 hours. Not tooo bad. I need the money anyway, since credit card bill came in and my mom almost had a heart attack before she realized that it was all my spending and not her's. I don't even know why she was worried, since she never uses the Visa card at all. That's always my card. She uses her Mastercard cause she gets points for it. Anyway, money is always nice. Not that I am in trouble or anything but extra hours is always nice ^_^ Bad side is I had to listen for 20 minutes as my mom lectured me on my spending habits -_- Ooohhh boy. 

Reading this book, by Michael Crichton, called, "Next". It's a work of fiction but it could very well be truth. It's all about how genes, cells, and transgenetic species will soon be the latest craze/money making scheme etc. It's actually quite fascinating yes I am a dork :P and I think that's only because my high school Genetics course because I don't think I would be able to understand the lingo at all without that background. Anyway, I pointed out this one part to my sister, because it told about how blondes are going to become an extinct race and she totally flipped out and dragged my mom out to buy more bleach for her hair *eye roll* She forgets she's not a natural blonde sometimes. There is a reason I call her "Barbie" you know. 

OMG!!! I am soooooo hooked on "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi". Soooo totally hooked!!!! I can not wait for my internet to finish downloading the episodes before I have VLC open ^_^;; But it's just soooo damn good!!!!! Gah!!!! So romantic but for once it's the guy who is the "Cinderella". The fact that Kamenashi Kazuya is in it is just an added bonus!!!!! ^_^XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah!! I adore his performance. He makes such an excellent older brother. In both Nobuta and Tatta, he plays an older brother and omg, he is just sooo good with the kids. I don't know if this is just the character or Kazuya himself is just an excellent old brother type of person. I would like to believe it's the second one more than the first though ^_^;;. 

So my list of dramas to download has totally expanded in the course of one day. I keep finding more dramas to download ^_^ And Kaji's new drama "Regatta" has just come up on jdramas. He only has a minor part, but it's Kaji, and thus, I must download and watch if only to see him for those few minutes. Yes I am an obsessed dedicated fangirl ^_^XD!!!!!! I want to see Shirota in "Heat Island" too, only cause in the pic, he looks soooo damn hot!!!!! (Let us ignore the fact that his jeans are way too damn low and his chest is way too damn muscled *cough*). 

Erica, please remind me sometime in the near future to please return you the book you lent me. Otherwise, it's bound to stay buried in the chaos of my room which is already loaded with books. I don't want it to get lost.

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